Episode 44 – Phil Klotzbach, PhD – Atmospheric Science

It’s the beginning of the 2021 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season, why not to talk to a hurricane expert. Phil Klotzbach, PhD is a part of a group of research scientists working to predict hurricanes. Currently, as of June 1, Phil’s team from Colorado State University, yes Colorado, are predicting 17 named storms for 2021. Last year there were 30 named storms, the most since 2005 when there were 28. Phil and his team look at a wide range of data to try and predict seasonal hurricane activity primarily in the Atlantic Basin, this include the Gulf of Mexico. Phil’s love of weather began as a kid growing up in New England and has carried to become a world renowned scientist on hurricanes and tropical storms.

Phil on Twitter — https://twitter.com/philklotzbach

Colorado State University -Tropical Weather & Climate Research https://tropical.colostate.edu/index.html

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