Episode 39 – Chris Cornthwaite, PhD – Religious Studies

The original destination for Chris Cornthwaite's PhD journey was a tenure track college professor gig. The universe had other plans and now Chris finds himself on two paths; using the knowledge and skillset developed during his PhD to help define immigration policy and helping other PhDs and helping other graduates with advanced degrees define themselves in a complicated and sometimes daunting workplace. These two paths are very different from when he first went into seminary with the intent of becoming a minister. https://roostervane.com/ https://twitter.com/cjcornthwaite

Episode 38 – Brandon Hawk, PhD – Medieval Studies

The Bible we are most familiar with is the King James version, commissioned by the English, or Scottish depending on your POV, king in the early 1600s. It is generally considered the most important book of the western world. But did you know there are stories outside the Bible? These are known as Apocrypha and were popular and used by English priests as Christianity was spreading. Brandon Hawk discovered these stories in college and became fascinated with them. He grew up with a fairly conservative Christian family and, along with a love of fantasy and science fiction, found himself on a path to a PhD in Medieval Studies and an English professor. https://twitter.com/b_hawk/

Episode 36 – Deanne Sammond, PhD – BioChemistry and BioPhysics

What would you do if you realized the undergraduate degree you were about to complete wasn't what you wanted to do? For Dr. Deanne Sammond it was a realization the music degree she was about to complete was not going to be the path she wanted to follow anymore. So instead she explored the world of biotech and found herself intrigued with proteins and found a path that would lay the foundation for the successes we are seeing in the fight again the Corona Virus.

Episode 35 – Kali Wallace, PhD – GeoPhysics

Writing is always a consistent theme in the journey of any PhD. For Kali Wallace, while she always had a love of making up stories, her PhD required her to use the facts to tell stories about the movement of tectonic plates. Today Kali is doing what she loves, making up stories. The science stuff is important too, but Kali has found her place in the world by writing science fiction books and using her science knowledge to provide some reality while making her work compelling. http://www.kaliwallace.com

Episode 34 – Dr. Lisa Munro, PhD – History

The PhD journey of Dr. Lisa Munro is more of a journey journey, not so much the destination if the destination was really known at the time the journey began and as the journey continued the destination wasn’t really ever known even today as the journey continues with the unknowing knowledge of the importance of living in the moment. She is going to hate that adjectively ridiculously long run-on sentence. http://www.lisamunro.net

Episode 33 – Stephen Rosen, PhD – Nuclear Astrophysics

Even before earning his PhD, Stephen Rosen had quite a journey. After college and masters degree he found himself working on the front lines of the Cold War, building nuclear bombs. His PhD came later and led him to become part of the legendary Hudson Institute and part of a group of BIG thinkers pondering the greater questions of mankind entering the nuclear age. His journey took a turn as he discovered an aptitude for helping people better define themselves and their career focus.

Episode 32 – Efraín E. Rivera Serrano, PhD – Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Efra Rivera Serrano began his PhD journey very simply, he went to college in order to escape the poverty of rural Puerto Rico.  He fell in love with biology after his college classes built upon his favorite subjects in high school. The goal moved to PhD when he discovered a living could be had by being curious and asking questions. Efra then discovered a love for writing and science communications. Now he is taking all this and giving to his community of unique scientist and opportunity to share their stories. 

Efra's Unique Scientist project https://uniquescientists.com

Efra on Twitter - https://twitter.com/nakedcapsid

Episode 31 – Samuel Benz, PhD – Physics

You could say the the PhD journey for Dr. Sam Benz began as a kid. His father was a professor at a seminary in Iowa, studying The Old Testament and Greek, and Sam found himself at archeological dig sites, living overseas, and being exposed to the greater world around him. Mix that with a love of building things, math, and a general curiosity of the world, the foundation was built for Sam to learn how to ask the questions that would lead to his PhD. Sam has continued to ask questions as he explores the world of quantum physics and is part of a group of scientist looking to prepare humanity for the next great leap.

Link to NIST article on measurement system

McDonald-Nobel Laureate vs Grad Stud-PToday 8-01

Episode 30 – Sara McBride, PhD – English and Media Studies

You might think a PhD built upon earthquakes and other natural disasters would be all science and stuff; not the case with Dr. Sara McBride. This journey begins with finding a love of writing and of far away places, putting those skills to work serving communities facing threats from Mother Nature and then traveling around the world chasing the disasters and helping communities recover.  For Sara the beginning of the PhD comes when her adopted hometown is the center of an  immense disaster. It is here she comes to grips with the realization;  as good as she is as a communicator she needed to do more to ensure her writing was hitting its mark. 

Visit Sara on Twitter - https://twitter.com/DisastrousComms

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