Episode 29 – Emma Southon PhD, Ancient History

A big driver for success in this world is finding something you enjoy doing, and it doesn't matter why. For Emma Southon, PhD in Ancient History it was embracing the horribleness of Ancient Rome that opened her eyes to how awesome history is.  From there she moved on to look at how early Christianity rose up and plotted and schemed to convert the masses from worshipping ancestors and multiple gods to just one god.  Emma does this with a smile on her face a non-stop laugh at the wackiness of it all.   Here are links to Emma's website, twitter feed, and podcast.  https://www.emmasouthon.com  Twitter - @nuclearteeth History is Sexy Podcast

Episode 25 – Peter McGraw, PhD – Pyschology

Peter McGraw's PhD journey, both to the dissertation and after has taken him around the world. Pretty exciting for a guy with an interest for quantitative psychology and an  understanding of why people make the decisions they do,.  Then there's the whole interest in what makes something funny. but don't laugh, it was all part of the plan.   Peter's website https://www.petermcgraw.org     Twitter - @PeterMcGraw

Episode 24 – Robin O’Keefe, PhD Paleontology

Robin O’Keefe knew at a young age what he wanted to do with his life, the problem was his older self didn’t listen at first. But it all turned out for the best and Robin is doing exactly what he was meant to do, a paleontologist that teaches a lot of general biology classes, including human anatomy. WHAT?! There have also been some adventures, like the time he was in the African desert at the beginning of the Gulf War. Hunting for dinosaur bones is exciting.

Episode 23 – Donna Halper, PhD Communications

The ability to push through obstacles is a defining quality in Donna Halper’s PhD journey.  She had a goal of being on the radio and a bunch of college boys in the 60s were not going to keep her from her dream. When Donna realized the radio industry was changing she decided a new path was to be followed and she could use her radio past to build her future. The ultimate goal would require some work though, a dissertation, something that would be a challenge for Donna almost 35 years removed from her undergrad. http://www.donnahalper.com    Twitter link @DevorahLeah

Tan, ResTed, and Ready

I start my new job toady. It has been a nice nearly two weeks off and I did a great job disconnecting. I got a couple of things done while in this in between period. Got a podcast recorded, set-up interviews for a couple more, ran a network cable that is still not working (Anyone... Continue Reading →

Disconnecting enhances ReBooTed

So where the hell have I been for the last 21 days. Here's the short answer. I went to Santa Fe with my kid, my old job ended, I 95% disconnected from the digital world, got a cold, recovered, saw Marc Maron, got a cellphone watched The Masters (don't judge), did another interview, cleaned my... Continue Reading →

The ReBooTed continues

As I am writing this, in the background I am posting the fourth episode of my podcast Piled high and Deep. I am also puckering up a bit because I do not have anyone lined up for episode 5, 6, 7, or 8.  I may have to come to grips with the fact that doing... Continue Reading →

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