Mission Control, We have a Problem

I wrote this in the spring of 2016 - I'm just saying this would explain a lot.    “Primary, this is NetOne, we have an anomaly in the primary neural OS.” It was the engineer responsible for monitoring the unit’s higher functions. “Go ahead NetOne.“ Primary changed screens on his monitor and brought up the... Continue Reading →

The Suit

"And finally, in the event of a fatal injury or catastrophic failure of the life support systems," The presentation holographic in the middle of the auditorium zoomed in on the helmeted head of the Epsilon Series Raptor Multi-Purpose Suit. I knew the last part of the product announcement would blow them away. We called it... Continue Reading →

The Story of Ted and Joe

  I first met Joe Long in 1991 in a Turkish bath in East Berlin. He was on tour and playing tambourine for Iggy Pop. I saved his life that night, he repaid the favor eight years ago by giving me a job. This is the story of how we met. It was July evening... Continue Reading →

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