A Week Into ReBooTed


This is an experiment in writing.  I am on the train into downtown, what can I get accomplished in the next 25 minutes. Now I’ve already squandered 6 minutes, so time to start vomiting on the keyboard.

I tried this a couple of weeks ago and just didn’t post the finished product because, well I don’t know, just because.

No. I know why, because at the end of the day, I am still not fully capable of putting myself out there. So we’ll see if when I get to Union station in 22 minutes will I stop, fire up the laptop, attached to the internet and post whatever come out of my fingers. We will see.

The second podcast is up and at least two weeks in I am keeping my commitment to dropping a podcast once a week.  I have plans to complete interviews later today and on Saturday. I am also working on getting additional guests on. So for the short term I am staying focused on this.

On the job front I am hoping to hear today on a new job. (Maybe posting this might not be the greatest idea, but I made a commitment.) The new job with reduce my commute time greatly, only a mile from home and will put more money in my pocket, something that is needed as we have lots of college ahead of our family. I also need a change of environment. While I will miss the folks at my current employer a ton, I need to be someplace new. There are also some new challenges with this position that I hope will help to reinforce the ReBooTed.

Now the most important thing for this week is on Friday, St. Baldrick’s Day here in Denver. For those that might not know, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation is the largest non-profit group solely focused on the fight against childhood cancer. For the 10th year my no 14 year old son and I are raising money for the foundation and then shaving our heads in support of kids that are facing the challenge of cancer. We are not alone in this.  Our event is one of the largest in the nation. Nearly 500 men and women have raised money and are shaving our heads. This is an amazing event and a day filled with laughter, tears and great friends. Here is a link to out team page. You can give to the team or to an individual team member.


Stalled – what to write now. Got about ten minutes left in the trip. What to write?

Years ago, when I started writing my mother got me a shirt with the picture of a typewriter on it and the following quote, “ Even if it is crap, get it on the page.” And that has been the hardest part for me in this exercise. Just get it on the page. Don’t worry about it being perfect, that not the point of this part of the website. In fact, it’s not really supposed to be the the point of any of this. If I continue to worry about things always being perfect, not that I do in general, but there is something about writing and creating things, wanting it to be perfect. Putting yourself out there you want it to be perfect, but it can’t be and if that is the goal of what you want to be, perfect, then nothing will be finished.

So here’s the deal. Understand nothing on this website will be perfect, not the blog, not the podcast, not the writing. But what I will aim to do is get stuff done, stuff that is creative, maybe funny, we will all learn something together and I will commit to finishing things, perfect or not.

At the end of my train ride.  Will I post this.  Well if you are reading it, I did.

PS I likely did very little editing, apologies.

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