Disconnecting enhances ReBooTed

So where the hell have I been for the last 21 days. Here’s the short answer. I went to Santa Fe with my kid, my old job ended, I 95% disconnected from the digital world, got a cold, recovered, saw Marc Maron, got a cellphone watched The Masters (don’t judge), did another interview, cleaned my garage, ran a Cat6 cable to my basement that is not working, produced the 5th episode of the podcast, found a tape of an interview I did with Douglas Adams my writing hero (I will post this in the next day or two.) and am now sitting at the kitchen table writing this.   I probably should have relaxed a bit more during this time off, that will come this weekend.

Oh, I’ve also been catching up with friends doing coffee and lunches etc.

The disconnected is great and I am going to keep it going, at least on the mobile communications device and possibly on the laptop. I will not be installing the Facebook app, but I will keep Twitter and Instagram, here is why. It has only been 8 days, and part of it is likely the end of the job, but I also think my concerted effort to disconnect from the electronic world has helped improve my constitution. Looking to the future my goal is to limit the inputs of the 1s and 0s as I believe it negatively affects my ability to be creative; one by taking up that precious time I should otherwise be using to create, and two when reading all that muck I find myself being pulled down thusly losing the will to create and sometime live.  (The latter feeling subsides quite quickly when I find cat videos or gifs of men getting hit in the balls.)

ReBooTed continues. I off to lunch with friends, I’ll post a short story later today or tomorrow and will also put up the audio from the interview I did with Douglas Adams sometime in the fall of 1990. I’m also digging for the radio piece I put together as a result of the interview.

Until later.

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