Episode 38 – Brandon Hawk, PhD – Medieval Studies

The Bible we are most familiar with is the King James version, commissioned by the English, or Scottish depending on your POV, king in the early 1600s. It is generally considered the most important book of the western world. But did you know there are stories outside the Bible? These are known as Apocrypha and were popular and used by English priests as Christianity was spreading. Brandon Hawk discovered these stories in college and became fascinated with them. He grew up with a fairly conservative Christian family and, along with a love of fantasy and science fiction, found himself on a path to a PhD in Medieval Studies and an English professor.

Brandon’s website – https://brandonwhawk.net/

On Twitter – https://twitter.com/b_hawk/

Amazon Author Profile – https://www.amazon.com/Brandon-W-Hawk/e/B08D3YK1X2


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