Episode 40 – Eladio Bobadilla, PhD – History

There’s a common thread among many PhDs I have talked with over these 40 episodes; always looking for the next thing, even when the thing they are working on now is still in process. Maybe it’s one of those key ingredients of making a PhD, the never-ending quest. Eladio Bobadilla came to America as a child and grew up in the agriculture industry of California’s Central Valley. After stumbling to get his high school diploma he joined the Navy and, thanks to the extreme boredom of being deployed in Kuwait, discovered a love for history. This new found passion propelled him to college and to brought him to a position of asking questions about the world he grew-up in.

Website – http://eladio-bobadilla.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/e_b_bobadilla

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