The Suit

"And finally, in the event of a fatal injury or catastrophic failure of the life support systems," The presentation holographic in the middle of the auditorium zoomed in on the helmeted head of the Epsilon Series Raptor Multi-Purpose Suit. I knew the last part of the product announcement would blow them away. We called it... Continue Reading →

Episode 7 – Shawn Sapp, PhD – Chemistry

Dr. Shawn Sapp is the lead scientist in a forensic engineering firm, that means he investigates the causes and origins of accidents. But it’s not really where he expected to end up after finishing his doctorate. To be honest, given his experiences during his PhD it makes sense he would end up here, because his... Continue Reading →

Tan, ResTed, and Ready

I start my new job toady. It has been a nice nearly two weeks off and I did a great job disconnecting. I got a couple of things done while in this in between period. Got a podcast recorded, set-up interviews for a couple more, ran a network cable that is still not working (Anyone... Continue Reading →

Disconnecting enhances ReBooTed

So where the hell have I been for the last 21 days. Here's the short answer. I went to Santa Fe with my kid, my old job ended, I 95% disconnected from the digital world, got a cold, recovered, saw Marc Maron, got a cellphone watched The Masters (don't judge), did another interview, cleaned my... Continue Reading →

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