Episode 16 – Padraic Kenney, PhD – History (Poland)

Telling the stories of people was the driving force behind Padraic Kenney’s desire to get his doctorate. He didn't know what he was going to do after that, he just knew he liked to tell stories. So he told a story about the rise of the Communist Revolution in two Polish cities.  The thing is he did this work while another revolution unfolded around him. He has held onto the theme of revolution throughout his work and his new book tells the stories of people imprisoned because they want to change their world. Linked to the book :https://global.oup.com/academic/product/dance-in-chains-9780199375745?q=kenney&lang=en&cc=us Linked to Padraic’s website: http://pages.iu.edu/~pjkenney/

Episode 15 – Justin Harmon, PhD – Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences

One might think that an undergrad degree in Leisure Studies wouldn’t lead to much more than a couch. That is certainly not the case for Justin Harmon. Sure the years right after graduation were a bit on the lackadaisical side of life, he was working, but he was more focused on the living. It wasn’t until the end of his masters that he found his calling and a way to turn a love of music into a study of culture.

Episode 13 Brian Zaharatos, PhD – Applied Math and Statistics

Brian Zaharatos has is certainly a man of many interests. He has managed to take one of those to the finish line with a Doctorate in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. There is a second point of interest also compelling and keeps him thinking and more than likely he will someday, not to far away, have a second PhD. In  the meantime he’ll keep stuffing young minds with the wonders of applied math. Here is a link to Brian's Blog  https://bzaharatos.wordpress.com

Episode 11 – Adam Bradley, PhD – English

Never discount the power of a grandmother and her ability to instill a love of literature into a young boy. That's just one of many themes in the journey of Adam Bradley. Other themes include strong mentors, a love of Rap and Hip-Hop music and finding a way to combine all of this into a wonderful stew that is working to further the discussion of race and inequality in America. Link to Adam Bradley's website : http://www.adamfbradley.com 

Episode 10 – Joe Loughry, PhD – Computer Science

There can’t be many PhD journeys that last 35 years from day one of college to final ceremony, but for Joe Loughry it just made sense. He  knew from an early age he wanted to get his PhD, but to get there he needed to put in some time in the real world of computer programming and cyber security.

Episode 9 – Eric Spana, PhD – Biology

What do fruit flies and the video game Mass Effect have in common? you might not think very much, but today on the podcast those are major themes. You see fruit flies have been the focus of study for Eric Spana, PhD, in between games of Mass Effect and any number of other video games he loves to play. Then he decided to mash up his love of science and video games and talks about at science fiction conventions. Its a great gig. Academic by day, video game junkie at  night.

The Suit

"And finally, in the event of a fatal injury or catastrophic failure of the life support systems," The presentation holographic in the middle of the auditorium zoomed in on the helmeted head of the Epsilon Series Raptor Multi-Purpose Suit. I knew the last part of the product announcement would blow them away. We called it... Continue Reading →

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