Episode 4 – Wendy Vaulton, PhD

For Wendy Vaulton the road to her PhD was longer than most. After her course work was completed at Brandeis University she had to get a job so she could live. Then she got in involved in other really nifty policy stuff and the dissertation took a back seat, or maybe it went in the trunk in a small box, rolling around at the turn of every corner. Then a push turned into a  shove and a dissertation emerged giving Wendy more than just a Doctorate, it gave her the confidence to know she could do anything.

Note – A production snafu on my part mucked up Wendy’s audio. I felt we would lose the spontaneity of the interview if I went back and re-recorded the interview. It’s not great audio quality, but the substance of the conversation is what matters most.

Thanks for listening.


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