The ReBooTed continues

As I am writing this, in the background I am posting the fourth episode of my podcast Piled high and Deep. I am also puckering up a bit because I do not have anyone lined up for episode 5, 6, 7, or 8.  I may have to come to grips with the fact that doing these once a week might not be possible and I need to be OK with that. Maybe twice a month is a more reasonable expectation.  We’ll see.

But in other news — I have a new job that starts the middle of next month and I am excited. My new job is the same as the old job, but this time it is just a mile from home and more money. The money is nice, not going to lie, looking at seven years of college ahead for the kiddos. But this is about time. Starting April 4 I will no longer be using 2 hours of my day to commute to work and back. That is ten hours a week, 480 hours a year. (figuring I get about 4 weeks of vacation and my travel.) This is a lot of time that I hope to use creatively.

ReBooTed is starting to take shape.

Download done.

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