Tan, ResTed, and Ready

I start my new job toady. It has been a nice nearly two weeks off and I did a great job disconnecting. I got a couple of things done while in this in between period. Got a podcast recorded, set-up interviews for a couple more, ran a network cable that is still not working (Anyone have a network tester I can borrow?), and generally rested the brain.  I’m not sure I got much accomplished on the honey-do-list I put together with the wife. But this was about unplugging.

So here we go. A new adventure is awaiting me just a mile from my house. That is HUGE as I am no longer commuting downtown. I am looking forward to getting some more time in my life that will give me an opportunity to spend more quality time with the family and be creative.

I am excited about a new place to do my thing. Meeting new people, not that I dis-liked the folks at my old job. It was time for a change and this is part of the ReBooTed program. Hopefully I can find my mojo that will lead to more productive creativeness.

Have a great day.




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