I found Douglas Adams – in a cardboard box


The last month has not been the most productive in terms of the podcast or the blog. I do have interviews lined up, but just nothing immediate. Instead I have decided to go back in time and post an interview from my college days.

Here’s a bit of a back story. —

From May of 1990 to May of 1991, as I was finishing up college, I worked at KBCO Radio in Boulder, Colorado. The year I spent there was amazing. I was exposed to virtually all parts of the radio station operations; production, music, marketing and for the last 7 months I worked in the news department.

When I think back to my time at KBCO the memories are almost too much to try and file in some sort of systematic order. There were concerts, events, I covered sporting events (Broncos and Nuggets), I interviewed the Governor, authors, musicians and newsmakers, and hung out backstage a time or two at Red Rocks. But the memory that always comes to the top was the hour I got to spend with my favorite author, Douglas Adams as he was touring the US and promoting his book “Last Chance to See”. There are pictures of it somewhere and the book, signed by Douglas,  buried in a box that I cannot find.

And speaking of boxes, while digging through a box of cassettes I found the interview I did with Douglas. I have digitized this interview and offer it up to the universe because we certainly could use some of Douglas’s wit and wisdom.

The interview is certainly very rough. Remember I am a college senior, just a couple fo month away from graduating. The production is bad, only Douglas’s microphone is on, but you can hear me asking questions, giggling like a giddy fanboy, and generally trying to keep my shit together. Douglas was a pro, he guided the conversation.

I also have to give a shout out to my dear friend Chuck Woodford. Chuck had been at KBCO working as a part-timer, but we had become fast friends before Meg and I graduated and left Boulder. I clearly remember Chuck being in Studio C during the interview and I think you even hear some of Chuck laughing in the background, he may have even asked a question or two. (Honestly, I couldn’t listen to myself.)

So I hope you enjoy this bit of personal nostalgia. What I did listen to thought has inspired me in a sense. I can hear in my voice the love of talking to people about what they are passionate about, and this is why I am so excited to continue the podcast.



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